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LED Light Up Earrings, LED Studs Earrings Party Blinking Earrings Flashing Color Changing

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  • These LED Light Up Earrings feature LED studs that blink with vibrant, eye-catching colors for a fun, festive evening. Partygoers will be amazed as the flashing, color-changing light up earrings catch their attention. Fun for all ages, these one-of-a-kind accessories are sure to make any night memorable. To activate your Light Earrings, push the earring through your earlobe's prepierced hole and firmly attach the other half on back, light will turn on and stay on. Changing color function.

  •  The glowing earrings are perfect for concerts, parties,night club, sporting events and Christmas parties. They look amazing in the dark and really eye catching. Just be ready for some compliments!
  • Wear the sparkling earrings during the day as daily jewelry. Then turn the LED light on at night or when it's time to have fun! JUST BE THE CENTRAL OF ANY NIGHT ACTIVITIES. It can be used as special glowing LED earring in birthday party Disco Rave Club, and also as decorations on backpack hat coat jacket etc.
  • To replace batteries, carefully unscrew the back of the battery housing. The batteries are very small, so keep a close eye on them.
  • Color change from color to color and will keep blinking. Battery time: About 30 hours